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Spot the difference?

Spot the difference?

Please have a read of the book of Acts chapter 1 verses 12 – 26.

Then have a read of the book of Acts chapter 2 verses 42 – 47.

Spot the difference?

One is focused on fellowship, praying, the bible and Church leadership.

One has all that plus a focus on everyone, anyone, all the people and people being saved.

Spot the difference?

One is in a room.

One is in homes and the temple courts.

Spot the difference?

I am not saying one is right and one is wrong but as Warren Wiershe says in ‘The Dynamics of Preaching’, one is the Church of the Closed door and one is the Church of the Open door.  I would say open not for people to come in as much as for us to go out.

What makes the difference?

The Holy Spirit coming in Acts 2 verse 4, who comes to give us power to be witnesses in Acts 1 verse 8.

So if we have the Holy Spirit in us, which Church should we be?


Church at Car Boot sale visit

It was great to go at the crack of dawn (literally) to see people from different churches work together to serve people at the Car Boot sale with coffee and chat.  There are plans for me to meet with the whole team before the new season to encourage them more.  They have now started sharing with each other feedback on the weekly conversations they have had, for prayer.

Great Wakering Evangelical Church preach

I spoke about praying, caring and sharing with people we know and had some positive responses afterwards about it being helpful so hopefully that will help the Church to grow.

Billericay outreach event help
It was very positive to see different Churches and organisations working together.  I was on one of the gates and had some great God conversations with people.  Please pray for the group of Church pastors who are wanting to do more events like this in Essex.

Chelmsford Street Pastors review
I met with the team and we reviewed the year and discussed ways they might work moving forward.  It was so encouraging to hear and see their passion and commitment for helping people out at night in Chelmsford city centre.  Please pray as they consider the way ahead for them.

Holiday Club talk

I was part of the team at Life Church for one day of the Holiday Club and spoke about how Joseph’s story in the bible is like our story and how Jesus makes our story right.  The next day a number of children made a commitment to follow Jesus which is great.


The Word on the Street training – 7th September

This is a new initiative by a number of Christians from across Chelmsford to run a market stand in the city centre for a few Saturdays in the Autumn to talk with people about life, God and Jesus.  I am leading some training for the team to think about what we will say and what might happen.

Great Wakering Evangelical Church preaching – 18th September

I am speaking here again for their Harvest service about how we should give God everything.  Please pray for the Church to reach more of the community around them.

Chelmsford Evangelism Group meeting – 21st September

It was encouraging that some new people came to our last get together as it is good to support people who often feel quite isolated (evangelists are often on the fringes of churches) and for us all to hear about what God is doing in the area.

The Word on the Street on the street – 24th September, 15th October, 19th November

Please pray that we will be ambassadors for God with the other stall holders, shop workers, Council workers and people in the City centre on those days.

Great Leighs Free Church preaching – 27th November

I know it is a way off but it is in the diary…..yes I will be speaking about Christmas……

Thanks very much for all your prayer and support






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