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June 2014

July update

Welcome to  the July update.  The aim of it is to keep you updated of the evangelism consultancy I am involved with for your own information and prayer support as well as hopefully inspiring you and your church in your own evangelism.  My aim is to help God’s church communicate Jesus: * To help – Jesus served, Paul served, if it was good enough for them….* God’s church – The …Read More

Whose questions are we answering?

A couple of weeks ago I went to a church’s ‘Ask the vicar’ evening at a local pub.  The vicar informally introduced the evening to the regulars and pointed out a doctor and a scientist were there also to answer questions about nature, suffering and science. After a couple of minutes talking amongst ourselves about possible questions, the floor was opened.  The first question: what do we think about the Jehovah’s …Read More