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July update

Welcome to  the July update.  The aim of it is to keep you updated of the evangelism consultancy I am involved with for your own information and prayer support as well as hopefully inspiring you and your church in your own evangelism.  My aim is to help God’s church communicate Jesus: * To help – Jesus served, Paul served, if it was good enough for them….* God’s church – The mission of God has a church in the world. As they say, there is no plan B. * Communicate Jesus – Jesus is the heart of the news people need to know for life.

Recommended resource:

Stepping into evangelism by the Church Army for a short, practical introduction to personal evangelism and community outreach to read individually or work through in a group.

Review / Preview

Last month included…

Evening at a pub with local church for an ask the vicar any questions evening.  We had lots of great questions and discussions with the regulars.  This is a pub that could be key to the new estate being built across the road on the old St Johns hospital estate in Chelmsford.

Meeting with a church evangelism team to discuss 2 outreach events they have coming up.

Handing out invitations on the street to a party celebrating parenting organised by a church.

Attending a launch of a mission in October in Havering.

Writing a leaders pack for a church’s community week

Joining the SYM (Schools & Youth Ministries) Management Board in Chelmsford.

Coming up this month so far…

5th July Celebrating parenting 12 – 2pm at St Luke’s Moulsham.  They have had a good response to invites so far, please pray that people will want to come to more events and find out more.

7th July Meeting with St Michael’s evangelism team about upcoming events.

15th July Meeting with Journey into Wholeness (who run Christian stands at Mind, Body & Soul events) especially about a Christian festival on 30th May 2015 in Chelmsford cathedral.

19th July Meeting with St Luke’s to review their event on 5th July and plan follow up.

20th July  Preaching about evangelism at St John’s Hornchurch.

20th July  Meeting about possible future outreach to St Johns hospital estate by local churches.

Please pray that I will help churches to make the most of these opportunities (Colossians 4 v 2 – 6).

Do things differently

When we think of evangelism we too often think of doing something different, for example organising an event, doing street work or running an enquirers course.  It becomes something we do on top of our usually busy lives.  But the picture of evangelism in the New Testament for most of us is that it is part of life, Paul for example talks about sharing his life as well as the gospel in 1 Thessalonians 2 v 8.  It’s more about doing every day things differently – generously, honestly, lovingly and seeing how people respond.

Summer always brings good opportunities for us to do this.

So why not try with someone who is not a Christian…

Watching with someone – invite them over to watch with you the World cup (less stress without England in), Wimbledon,Tour de France (in England?) or the commonwealth games (see www.morethangold2014.org.uk for more connected ideas).

Eating with someone – the BBQ does not just have to be man’s best friend.  Invite people over to join in the preparation and cooking as well as the eating.  On the 19 – 20th July you could do it for cancer research (see http://www.cruk.org/BBQ).

Praying with someone – in the better weather take out your church or group’s prayer meeting to the streets or a park.  Pray for the area around you and be open for God’s prompting to pray for and with people you come into contact with.

Drinking with someone – instead of everyone having coffee and a chat after church inside, everyone could take their coffee and have a chat outside and offer a drink to people as they pass by as well for free.  A crowd attracts a crowd.

Let me know how you get on!

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