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April 2014

How do you like your eggs?

This Easter at your Church, how are you doing your eggs? Over easy? If you are involved in a March of witness on Good Friday, could you give out free Easter eggs to people you pass as a witness to God’s provision? Perhaps the eggs could have a piece of paper attached to them with a website to find out more e.g. http://www.rejesus.co.uk/site/module/easter_faqs/ Sunny side up? Could you arrange an …Read More

Thank you and ‘hello’—not ‘good night’

Thanks to all those churches and people who have been so welcoming to me in the past few months, it has been great to be part of what you want to do for God’s Kingdom. In that time I have been involved in meetings about evangelism strategy with church leadership teams, meetings with church evangelism teams, planning for a new outreach to young families, visiting a church’s community shop to …Read More

Rev it up

Have you seen the second episode of the most recent series of Rev on BBC2? The Rev Roland Wise (played by Hugh Bonneville) has a “unique 3 point Transform your church plan” that’s going to make your church “not just present and engaged, modern and relevant but also full and solvent.” The 3 points are Invade, Evangelism and Deliver (I.E.D. – as it “blows the legs off failure”). As always …Read More

The need is the call

Ever spent hours, days, weeks, months or years waiting for God to give you the green light for something? You think you know what God wants you to do but are just waiting to be sure or for it to be the right time or for certain things to happen first. Although involved with evangelism for years, initially with young people but then with anyone and everyone, I was waiting …Read More