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Paul in the Bible seems to have had a plan for evangelism but was open to the Holy Spirit’s prompting for the exact situation—we need to do the same (e.g. Acts 16 v 6 – 10). 

It has been said that when Christopher Columbus went to America he did not know where he was going, where he was when he was there or where he had been when he got back!  Do you sometimes feel like that with evangelism?

Examples of work I have done…

Leading a church leadership team morning to develop mission and vision statements

Meeting a church minister to discuss ideas to encourage evangelism

Reviewing a church’s evangelism strategy annually with leadership team

Here are some books that I would recommend to help think about strategy:

Sowing, reaping, keeping by Laurence Singlehurst – a strategy for realistic, long term evangelism.

Reimagening evangelism by Rick Richardson – thinking about evangelism for today’s world.

Big yes, little yes, Healthy maybe by Mark Greenwood – a people and church journey.

Here are some training courses that I have used / found useful to help people consider Christ:

Puzzling Questions – uses life stories to consider life and faith issues.

Start – uses interviews, activities and discussions assuming no knowledge of Christianity.

Table talk – questions on a wide range of themes to get discussions about life and faith started.

Here are some books that I would recommend to help think about our culture:

Christianity rediscovered by Vincent Donovan – classic key principles for evangelism where we are.

Plugged in by Dan Strange – reflecting, engaging and bringing good news to the world around us.

The gospel in a pagan society by Kenneth Prior – lessons to learn from Paul in Athens in Acts.

If you would like to explore an overall church strategy, have a general evangelism health check or look at a specific project, please get in touch.