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Evangelism Consultancy aims to help God’s Church communicate Jesus
to people who don’t believe in Him by:


Audio Speaker

Communicating Jesus does present a challenge in a technological age but God does still use the spoken word…



Most Christians know that they should share their faith but find it hard, so an evangelist’s role is to build up the body of Christ…



Paul in the Bible seems to have had a plan for evangelism but was open to the Holy Spirit’s prompting…



Much evangelism can be like putting a cup of coffee in the fridge: the temperature goes up for a while but it soon settles…

From the Blog

November update

Vincent Donovan was a missionary who worked among the Masai people of Tanzania.  In May 1966 he wrote to his Bishop about how after 100 years of missionary work building and running hospitals, schools and mission compounds (which by that very term sound more like defensive fortifications than a welcoming oasis)…Read More

Choose or lose

Do you remember the first computer games console, the black and white one with rectangular blocks that you controlled to go up and down to play football, tennis or squash? It had 2 speeds as well. Now you get games on your TV, games on your computer, games on your phone, games in your hand, games in your face…Read More

August update

What can we learn from England’s World cup? Good guys can be respected and win i.e. Gareth Southgate. Waistcoats can be worn. You need to prepare for pressure situations i.e. penalty shootouts. England can win penalty shootouts. Set piece plays are key so good to put some training in. Players can be open and ‘normal’…Read More

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“Nigel takes the fear out of evangelism and puts the fun into it. I am better equipped in my role as Chair of Church at the Car Boot Sale having attended the Certificate of Evangelism Course led by Nigel."

* Tearfund survey 2007