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Evangelism Consultancy aims to help God’s Church communicate Jesus
to people who don’t believe in Him by:


Audio Speaker

Communicating Jesus does present a challenge in a technological age but God does still use the spoken word…



Most Christians know that they should share their faith but find it hard, so an evangelist’s role is to build up the body of Christ…



Paul in the Bible seems to have had a plan for evangelism but was open to the Holy Spirit’s prompting…



Much evangelism can be like putting a cup of coffee in the fridge: the temperature goes up for a while but it soon settles…

From the Blog


The year 2024 has much going for it for Evangelism Consultancy  – plans for a new evangelism event run by churches working together in the centre of Chelmsford, more dates given by the council for Word on the Street when they are only supposed to have given one, discussions about trying to support evangelists in Essex more…Read More

Culture Club

I remember watching Top of the Pops.  It was once the only pop music programme on television – imagine that.  I remember some iconic moments – Jeffrey Daniel from the group Shalamar doing robotic dancing, a guitarist falling over the drum kit and the lead singer of the band Culture Club Boy George’s first appearance.  We had never seen…Read More

Be prepared

You never know when someone could ask you a question that could change their life. I have to be mindful working in a secondary school that there are many people around me with different views of life, in a structured environment with policies, procedures and guidance and with the shadow of social media…Read More

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"The thing about Nigel is that he is not simply a theorist. His experience as a church leader in creating mission-focused communities brings an authority to his ministry. Added to this, I have personally benefitted from the passion, wisdom and intelligence he brings. I warmly commend him!"

* Tearfund survey 2007