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My Story

I don’t want to be like the Lone Ranger

I always had a belief in God but only in a ‘I haven’t done any revision so I’ll pray before the exam in case it works’ sort of way.

I went along to Church as a teenager because there were girls there (I ended up marrying one of them). Then when I saw how two Christian school friends lived their life, heard that Jesus loved me and had done something amazing for me, my life changed.

I have led many church evangelism strategies and initiatives, worked in retail and studied for a theology degree at Oak Hill Theological College. I have been a Youth Minister, a RE teacher, a member of church preaching and leadership teams and part of Elim’s national evangelism team. After eleven years as an Assistant Head teacher of an Alternative Provision for teenagers who have been excluded from school, I am back at Oak Hill College working on their Marketing and Communication.  I am part of Life Church in Chelmsford (http://www.lifechurchchelmsford.com/).

I don’t want to be like a gunslinging cowboy (although I did when I was a child): riding in, firing some things off and disappearing. I want to work with churches in their context, to help enable their long term evangelism. I am an enthusiast, an evangelism evangelist, not an expert: only God can save people’s lives.

Please note: as I am currently working fulltime  I am not charging but appreciate any donation. This also means that my availability is during evenings and weekends.

Please get in touch to discuss how I can help you with evangelism.