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Rev it up

Have you seen the second episode of the most recent series of Rev on BBC2?

The Rev Roland Wise (played by Hugh Bonneville) has a “unique 3 point Transform your church plan” that’s going to make your church “not just present and engaged, modern and relevant but also full and solvent.” The 3 points are Invade, Evangelism and Deliver (I.E.D. – as it “blows the legs off failure”).

As always it is a mix of truth, uncomfortableness and humour: “evangelism shouldn’t be such a dirty word….if you like a book or a boutique hotel you tell people about it, should be the same for Jesus Christ.”

There have been many “Transform your church” plans launched with hype over the years, where something that has ‘worked’ somewhere is taken and shared ‘to work’ in lots of places. But each church, area and people are different. It’s about taking biblical principles (for example Matthew 10 – often overlooked I think in discussions about evangelism) and trying to apply them to each context.

Only God does the same transforming work everywhere.

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