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The need is the call

Ever spent hours, days, weeks, months or years waiting for God to give you the green light for something? You think you know what God wants you to do but are just waiting to be sure or for it to be the right time or for certain things to happen first.

Although involved with evangelism for years, initially with young people but then with anyone and everyone, I was waiting for the green light to do more.

Bill Wilson, the driving force for Metro ministries based in New York (with a Sunday school of 62,000 children world wide!) has said “the need is the call.” When we see a need, we should go ahead and try to meet it. We should not wait for the booming voice from heaven (it does not always come).
Is there a need for people to believe in Jesus for life (John 3 v 36)?


So last summer I realised there was not much else to wait for so I started to try to do more to help God’s church communicate Jesus.

What need do you see?
Hear the call.

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