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How do you like your eggs?

This Easter at your Church, how are you doing your eggs?

Over easy?
If you are involved in a March of witness on Good Friday, could you give out free Easter eggs to people you pass as a witness to God’s provision? Perhaps the eggs could have a piece of paper attached to them with a website to find out more e.g. http://www.rejesus.co.uk/site/module/easter_faqs/

Sunny side up?
Could you arrange an Easter egg hunt for the local community in a park, especially if you have connections already with young families or a primary school? Check with the council first for permission. Instead of hiding the eggs, people could hide and give eggs out when they are found – saves an early start hiding all the eggs.

Why not have an evening where people can come and decorate a plain Easter egg to make it a personal gift for someone? Running at the same time could be a great egg race challenge to get an egg from 1 side of a room to the other without it touching the floor using only a washing up bottle, 2 toilet rolls, 6 plastic bands, a toothbrush, sticky tape, 3 paperclips and a banana. Or something like that. Prizes could be given at the end with an Easter thought.

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