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Ring the bells

Going to a muslim country, you regularly hear the call to prayer whatever you are doing—eating, shopping or sunbathing. If you are near a mosque at the time, men of all ages and backgrounds appear from all directions to come together to pray. It enters into every day life and is a reminder that there is more to life.

Recently it made me think—what would be the equivalent in our country for Christians? If we are a Christian country of course. It used to be ringing church bells I guess. I have read that preaching can be thought of as being like church bells—welcome as long as it does not wake us up. Christianity itself could be thought of as being like church bells—a tradition only for special occasions that’s done by a few odd people (no offense to Christians or bell ringers).

So what would wake people up from their everyday day life to remind them that there is something more? What would pull people from all ages and backgrounds from all directions to come together? Putting something on social media? Gathering people together as a crowd attracts a crowd? We don’t want to be like a resounding gong or clanging cymbal (1 Corinthians 13 v 2) so perhaps it is love that should ring out. Not the lovey-dovey type but the Jesus type.

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