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It’s Christmas!!!!

I saw a Nativity figure set for sale in a Garden Centre.  It was marked “No Jesus” and reduced to £7.99.  It made me sort of laugh and sort of cry.

Have a think who you know who is celebrating Christmas this year who does not know the One who is to be celebrated for who He is and what He has done for everyone by coming to earth.

Then could you invite them around for a Christmas drink and ask them what they think of Christmas and then share what it means to you? Or send them a message on social media about how Jesus is God with us and asking them if they understand what it means?  Or give them a present of a book about how Jesus came to save people from their sins and ask them to read it and let you know what they think about it?

Yes Jesus.  Happy Christmas to you all.

What has been happening….

The Word on the Street
This is a new initiative involving 20 Christians from 10 churches across the area where for three Saturdays in the autumn, we set up in Chelmsford city centre to talk with people (not to people) about life and Jesus.  We had many conversations with all sorts of people, prayed with some people, helped some people practically, signposted a few people to churches and gave away some gospels and books for people to read.

Chelmsford Evangelism Group
We met up in a pub to hear from each other what we have all been involved with in churches, in supporting prison ministry, in working with young people in schools, in dinners for people who aren’t Christians and in talking with people on the streets of Chelmsford.  God uses many people in many different ways.

Journey into Wholeness
Journey into Wholeness are a group of Christians from Churches across Essex who for a number of years have had stalls at Mind, Body and Soul exhibitions.  Opportunities have reduced recently, and I was asked for ideas about how they could develop their ministry.  I met with them, encouraged their mission and gave ideas how they could build the team, work with churches and multiply their work in different places such as coffee shops, pubs and markets.  They are praying about the way forward.

Christians Together in Chelmsford AGM
I shared in 90 seconds (that was the length of time I was given!) my work this year and how it appears that more Christians from different churches are working and wanting to work together to reach their communities (see above).  Now that is unity.

Great Leighs Free Church
I led the first Sunday in Advent service, got them to sing their first carol and spoke about how God first came to earth.  Plus did a Christmas song quiz of course.

It’s Christmas!!!!

I have been a really good busy with my Church, Life Church, at Christmas this year.  We visited streets in Chelmsford over 4 evenings to run a 20 min carol service where people from church had invited their neighbours to.  We met with about 300 people over those nights.
One Saturday we set up a stand in a Shopping centre and wrapped people’s Christmas presents for free.  Completely free – no catches, co gimmicks, no donations.  We have done it before, but more people seemed more surprised than usual that it was completely free.   We had some great reactions and conversations.
For the first time, this year we ran a Carols and Christmas Quiz night at a pub.  We had about 25 people not from the Church there who stayed (a good start), sang some carols and then did the quiz.  We had some positive responses, and the landlords were talking afterwards about same again next year.
Finally, I spoke at the Carol service about how in times of crisis, change and challenge such as we have had this year, we can, as the Magi did, find Jesus.  If you would like to watch this please go to Life Church Carol service (25 mins 40 secs in if you just want the preaching).

What will be happening includes….

Training Planning meeting – 12th January
I have been asked by Transforming Essex to be part of a team organising Evangelism training across the year for churches in Essex.
Youth event – 27th January
I am speaking about sharing faith at school.
The Word on the Street
In January and February we will be considering how we can build on the work in Chelmsford High Street this year, next year.
Life Church Evangelism weekend – 11th and 12th February
A weekend of training and encouraging led by Elim’s National Evangelist Mark Greenwood.

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