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Talking Jesus

Talking Jesus was a national survey carried out by a group of Church leaders in 2015 asking people who were Christians and people who were not Christians about their attitudes to Jesus, the Church and conversations about faith. The survey was repeated this year and here are some highlights / lowlights that I picked out:

They use the term “practising Christians” for people who attend Church at least one a month and pray / read the Bible at least one a week. How low are we setting the bar for following Christ? Plus it is not a practice but the real deal.

53% people who were not Christian knew someone who was a Christian. That is good but this was down from 68% in 2015. What might that say about our witness as Christians in that time? What will be the figure in another 7 years?

The highest answer for where people would go to find out more information about the Christian faith? Google. Now we know Google is not God but does it have all the answers? How is your Church’s online presence for someone who is not a Christian?

Christians were seen as being caring and friendly the most which is good. The Church was seen as hypocritical and narrow minded the most which is not good. What does that say about how our culture sees organisations today and our outreach?

The full Talking Jesus report can be read here.

This year so far

Great Wakering Evangelical Church training
I led an evening with their Church leaders and Youth leaders thinking about how they can engage the parents of all the children and young people from the community that they have contact with. It was great to hear about all the work that they do already and see their desire for more people to hear about Jesus.

Chelmsford Evangelism Group meetings
We have met a couple of times this year and heard about sharing the Easter story with families on the fringe of Church, helping families in the community in need, engaging homeless people with the Gospel, Street Pastors out on Saturday nights, and testimony sharing dinners with people interested in knowing more and people coming to faith in Christ.

Great Leighs Free Church preaching
The Church had a great Easter Cafe Church with almost 30 visitors who do not usually go to Church. To try and build on that I spoke about praying, caring and sharing for 2 people they know who were not Christians. Could you do that too?

Key people meetings
I have met up with various people to discuss evangelism in Chelmsford and the wider Essex area. Watch this space….

Life Church focusing
At my own Church, we have said that this is the Year of opportunity, to make the most of the opportunities in our daily lives to share Jesus with people around us. We have had a sermon series about why we should do this and reaching family and friends (I spoke on this – watch here if you would like to), neighbours. work colleagues, the city and ‘prodigals’. We also handed out 600 Easter eggs in the city centre – healthy?

This year coming up

Church at Car Boot sale visiting – 19th June
We talked about supporting the great work that they do every week starting at 7.45am every Sunday in the summer providing coffees and a place to chat before Covid – and now have an opportunity to start doing that. The aim is to help encourage the team with how to talk with people about life, faith and Jesus.

Great Wakering Evangelical Church preaching – 26th June
To try and build on their desire to reach families in the area, I will be speaking about reaching people that they know by showing and sharing God’s love with them.

Billericay outreach event helping – 9th July
A team of Pastors from Essex have formed a group with a mission to transform Essex for Jesus. They are starting with an event in Billericay with music, artists, dancers and speakers. I will be helping with hospitality on the day and also having a meeting with the group to see if I can help them going forward as they want to do more events and initiatives around Essex in years to come to achieve this.

Street Pastors reviewing – 17th July
I have been asked to help the Chelmsford Street Pastors review their year and plan for the future with the changes in the City, the team numbers and other opportunities that there might be in the city.

Plus in the Autumn….

There are discussions about Christians from across Chelmsford having a market stall stand once a month in the city centre to talk to people and offer prayer and resources.

Thank you for all your prayers and support.

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