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What do you call someone who is not a Christian?

What do you call someone who is not a Christian?

There’s no punch line.

It is not a joke.

Non – Christian seems to be the usual term.

To me it sounds impersonal (non) and negative – emphasising what someone is not.

I think God would have something much more positive to say about someone who is made in His image.

So what should we call someone who is not a Christian?

Atheist? Not everyone is.

Agnostic?  Not sure about that one.

Person of no or other religion?  Again impersonal.

Unchristian? Some Christians are that.

Not yet Christian?  Not everyone will be a Christian sadly.

Free thinker?  Some will be closed.

Humanist?  Some will believe in God as much as Christians do.

Pantheist?  Believer in Peter Pan?

Skeptic?  Not sure about that one either.

De-churched / Non – churched? Too churched.

Heathen?  Sounds barbaric.

Heretic?  That should be burned.

Pagan? Too many wrong images of druids and trees.

Secularist?  Too much of a divide from sacred.

Non – religious?  Some Christians want to be that.

So perhaps best is….people who are not Christian.

Too simplistic?

What do you think?


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