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March update

The Tattoo artist

When I was growing up tattoos were only seen on skin heads on their knuckles or necks.  Now of course everyone has them everywhere, regardless of what their heads are like.  At work recently someone told me that they had got their first tattoo.  When I asked what it was they said it was a cross on their chest (I had not asked where it was – safer not to….).

So I asked the question what the cross means to them.  They replied “Its Jesus isn’t it?”  I took the opportunity to say briefly what the cross means to me – proof of God’s love, sacrificing His life for mine so I could be forgiven for my mess ups and be able to live life as it should be lived and He did it not just for me but for everyone.

“Nice” he said.
“Think of it when you look at it” I said.

I have heard of Christians who read tattoos – they look at people’s tattoos as a starting point for conversations about why they have had them, what their significance is and then talk about God’s perspective on family members / significant events / heroes / favourite things etc.  I needed no help in interpreting this tattoo – God had already created the picture for me to add to.  What picture is God working on in people’s lives around you that you could add to?

Have done…

10th February Telling our story part 2 training evening at CGC Basildon: building on part 1, again looking at building relationships and sharing our faith; how to react when people poke fun at us and how the Church can stay motivated to be outward focused.  Interesting discussion about what the Church can learn from the popularity of Premiership football – highlights? Controversies? Pundits??
17th February Planning meeting about enquirers course in the summer with St Luke’s to build on the work that has been happening for the Church- they are going for it all to see what happens!  A positive step forward – please pray for this.
21st February Visited Fox and Hounds pub (where Church @ pub used to happen) – met up with some of the people there who we have not seen for a while.
26th February  Spoke at Felsted school end of lent meetings week event on serving and saving (MK 10 v 45) – had some great discussions and questions with the young people there, some who were Christians and some who were not.

Will be doing…

5th March Leading Evangelism in contemporary society training morning for United Evangelical churches in Essex.
13th March Sharing faith workshop at St Luke’s / Visiting All Hallows in Bow.
16th March Planning meeting about enquirers course in the summer with St Luke’s.
19th March Speaking at St Luke’s family event.

Easter outreach for you & your church: (not original maybe but it is an eggcellant opportunity)

If you live in the Essex area go to Chelmsford’s passion play on Good Friday and take someone with you who would not usually go to church at Easter as it is “street theatre for all.” See http://www.chelmsfordpassionplay.org.uk/

Organise an Easter egg hunt in your garden and invite the neighbour’s kids as well as yours.

Give Easter cards out at work.  Everyone does Christmas cards but Easter?  They might ask you why so be prepared (1 Pet 3 v 15).

Hand out hot cross buns or Easter eggs in the High St, at your local shops (with their permission / give some to them) or knock on peoples’ doors to give them – all for free of course.

Run some evenings about how we should respond to the Syrian refugee crisis using World Visions’ free resources (http://bloqs.s3.amazonaws.com/200-200/13901_RefugeeSmallGroupGuide.pdf) but not just for the church but your community – it is a hot topic at the moment for everyone so advertise it locally.

Thanks for your interest in the work,
your support and prayers.  

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