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It’s good to talk

I was talking to someone at work about a possibly very stressful situation and I described myself as having peace about it.  She said “That’s a very Christian word.  You are a Christian aren’t you?”

It’s good to talk.

The other day I was rushing around and bumped into someone who had been on holiday.  I asked “How was it?” expecting the usual “Lovely / too short / too hot” type answer.  Instead I got a long story of disappointment, mishaps and frustration.  I had no answer to what had happened but…

It’s good to talk.

At the Friday night youth night I am involved with, one week we had a talking sofa.  Not quite literally. We put a sign up by a sofa inviting young people to sit down and talk about anything they wanted to – serious or stupid.  During the evening we had conversations about football, holidays, Nazis, Communism, fish finger sandwiches, death and God.

It’s good to talk.

The question is often asked how can the church engage society?  How can we communicate Jesus to people?  It often seems like we have to do something out of the ordinary.  But talking to people in every day situations about life and looking to give space and time for people to talk will give us those natural opportunities to say something big and small.

Jesus did it getting a drink of water in John chapter 4.

If it’s good enough for Him it is good enough for us.

It’s good to talk.

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