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November update

What’s new?

How society has changed in the past 5, 10, 15 or 20 years is a common comment, groan or exclamation whether it is because of changes in society, demographics, values, technology or lifestyles.

Change is and has always been here to stay.

How has your church changed in the past 5, 10, 15 or 20 years?  How has it changed in society, demographics, values, technology or lifestyle?  Have any changes been in response to or even in anticipation of changes in society, demographics, values, technology and lifestyles in the world around you?

Often Churches have not changed at the same pace or in the same place.

Thankfully Jesus stays the same (Hebrews 13 v 8).  But the church should always be open to change as it was for example in Acts 6 v 1 – 4.  Not for the sake of change but for the sake of people to be able to hear God’s Word through us.  In other words, are we structured for mission?  See the recommended read below.

That should not change.

October past…

5th October St Michael’s Galleywood Evangelism team meeting  – a good focused plan created for Christmas inc carols in pubs and a farm, encouraging the church to bring friends and a cheese and wine follow up.

10th and 17th October Leading Chelmsford Diocese’s Chelmsford area Certificate of evangelism training: a great group of 6 people with lots of discussions and questions.  We combine theory and practical so have covered areas like mission and evangelism definitions and the biblical framework for it as well as sending them out onto the streets to talk to people with some great conversations and 1 expression of coming to faith! Should not be surprised really, it is an evangelism course….

10th October Visited Broomfield Road evangelical church’s community open day – this along with a community survey they are completing is part of their new Church vision for outreach.  Really encouraging to see them action it, different people from the church work together on it and 22 people from the local area come along on the day.

November future…

7th and 14th More leading Chelmsford Diocese’s Chelmsford area Certificate of evangelism training
8th Preaching at Great Leighs free church
21st Part of team for St Luke’s Christmas outreach to families
23rd Attending St Michael’s Galleywood Evangelism team meeting
29th Preaching at Broomfield Road evangelical church

Recommended resource:  Disciplekit website


A useful website to find out about the range of discipleship and enquirers courses resources available with reviews and links.

Recommended resource: Talking Jesus survey


A new survey by the Evangelical alliance about perceptions people have to to Jesus, Christians and evangelism.

Recommended resource: Faith pictures course


Coming soon – a new online training course to help people share their faith by the Church Army.

Recommended read: Structured for mission (Alan Roxburgh)

It starts off quite standard for books like this  – emerging generations are changing, our structures reflect our narratives etc etc.  But then it gets interesting.

It suggests God has always disrupted frameworks for his people.  The Spirit is the primary change agent in the world – the world is not the primary change agent.  Most structures we have are hub and spokes with the hub being the place of expertise and resources as centralising is seen as the most efficient way of working.

But this won’t be the most efficient in today’s world.  We need to trust people and encourage on the ground networking, imagination and experimentation.  Leaders need to be more like midwives – helping people to give birth locally and then asking people what structure is needed to support them.  A decentralised structure of course has its risks.  But would it make the church more effective for reaching the emerging generation in a way they can understand better?

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Thanks for all your support and prayers (Colossians 4 v 2 – 4).

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