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Spot the difference

Mention evangelistic preaching and many people think still of someone like Billy Graham. With his recent death there have been many stories about him told. My favourite Billy Graham story is one I read by him a while ago. He was visiting a small American town in his early ministry days for a mission. During the day he into the town to go to the…Read More

February update

In a recent survey by Tearfund, 52% of people in the UK of a religion and no religion said they prayed. Over Christmas, 3,900 people in the UK found salvation through internet evangelism according to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. On 9th and 10 February in Chelmsford, there were two evening concerts after a week…Read More

Dot to Dot

I like this real-life story from a nurse…“One Valentine’s Day, a couple wearing very fancy clothes walked into the maternity ward. They had been on their way to get married, when the woman had suddenly gone into labour. They were very upset because they really wanted to tie the knot before the baby arrived. I asked if they had the…Read More

November update

What message are we supposed to be communicating to people about Christianity – be nice, be good, God loves you, go to church, love people or what? As part of preparation for some training I am going to be doing, I have been looking at different ways different people summarise ‘the gospel’. It is in as many ways as there are grains of sand…Read More

Church is.

Church is local, small, a mix of people from different races and social status, sharing teaching, prayer and possessions together and with people around them. Churches feel an affinity with one another, sharing people resources, monetary resources and good news. It is not a highly organised, hierarchical, slick structure of similar people… Read More

September update

There was a pastor of a small church in a small village in Asia some years ago who one day had a visitor to stay. The visitor asked to meet some of the pastor’s people. They walked around the village, calling into homes where they were warmly welcomed. The visitor noticed that the homes they visited were of different religions… Read More


Do you think, pray, talk (not eat, pray, love) about sharing your faith or sharing the gospel? Or something else? Or neither? For myself and in encouraging and equipping others in evangelism, I have realised recently that I tend to think, pray and talk about sharing our faith. Is there a difference between sharing our faith and sharing… Read More

June update

I recently was preaching at a church and given the title Transformed lives from Ephesians chapter 1 – a great theme. Before I spoke in the service they showed this great testimony: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnL6HOSZ8hk
It resonated with me for a number of reasons… Read More


A Christian lady I once knew told me that she had lived next to her next-door neighbour for 25 years. Who do you live next door to? She said she prayed regularly for her next-door neighbour. Do you pray for your neighbours? She said that the lady knew she went to church for most of that time. Do your neighbours know you go to… Read More

April update

I have experienced 2 examples of “holy heckling” recently – neither by Robin to Batman as in the old TV series (although I have been Batman a couple of times in the past, tights and all but that’s another story….). But by children. The first one was at a family outreach event when I was telling a version of the parable… Read More