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What to do when your country / church needs YOU

Do you ever feel frustrated at the state of your world, your country, your church?

What do we then do – moan, groan, get apologetic or get apathetic?

Or do we Ezra? If Google is now a verb so can Ezra be.

Recently reading the book of Ezra in the Old Testament, I was challenged by Ezra’s reaction to the state of his country Israel, of God’s people.  The people including the leaders had compromised their calling, their beliefs and their lifestyle.

So what did he do?

He was appalled by it (9 v 3, 4).

He prayed (9 v 6 f).

He saw himself as part of the issue e.g. “I too am disgraced”, “our sins”, “our guilt” (9 v 6, 7).

He saw the Lord’s grace (9 v 8, 9) and mercy (9 v 13) still in the situation.

He focused on the leaders to start leading the people in the right direction (10 v 5).

He fasted (10 v 6).

He proclaimed to all the people God’s will (10 v 7 – 11).

He did not moan, groan, get apologetic or get apathetic.

We might not do everything Ezra did but we can do all something for the state of our world, our country, our church, whatever it is we are concerned about.  As J. John quotes in his Natural Evangelism course from the philosopher Edmund Burke, “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.”


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