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Recently I asked some young people at a youth club who don’t go to church to draw what they think God would look like if he / she / it did exist.  I gave them a couple of examples – a Father Christmas look alike (classic) and a mirror (deep…).  They came up with some far more interesting (and better drawn) pictures.

Here are some examples with some of the commentary we added when we put them up in a gallery on the wall the next week:


  • The sun – Jesus did say “I am the light of the world”!
  • A heart – The Bible does say God is love.  Feel the love.
  • Just the words “In the eye of the beholder” – If this is true, then your god could be different from my god.  Does that make them the same god?   Both god?  Not God?
  • Old man with got big ears – Perhaps he needs them to hear everything we say and think….
  • Nigel – A frightening thought.
  • Lots of people – God is in everyone.  All of us.  That includes you.
  • Angry face – What do you think he gets angry about?  It might be not what you think.

What might these show?

Young people do have opinions about God – they just might not be what we think.

Young people are willing to think about God and life.

We can’t assume we know what young people think – we need to find out.

We need to start where they are just as Paul does in Athens in Acts 17 v 23 and make the unknown God known.


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