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Bring the resurrection back to life

A while ago I was challenged about what topic the apostles preached most about in the book of Acts.  So I did a bit of research.  I was expecting Jesus and the cross to come out on top.  It didn’t.

Yes it was right up there but the number one, topic, the thing they talked to people the most about, the thing they clearly rated as the game changer, the life changer was Jesus and His resurrection.

Surprised?  I was.

But how much do we talk about it apart from on Easter Sunday morning?

Recently I had the encouragement of hearing Gary Habermas preach.  If you don’t know Gary, he is an American professor specialising in the evidence for Jesus’ resurrection and I recommend looking at some of his very accessible material at www.garyhabermas.com.

I asked him afterwards whether he thought as I do that we ignore the resurrection part of the gospel too much.  He agreed.  We then talked about what impact that has on the church and the world.  We live in a world that still hopes for a better life, better world, better future.  Look at our focus on technology for that as a starter.

But Jesus is the only real, sure hope for a better life, better world, better future.

How do we know that?  The resurrection.

Gary Habermas challenged me to go on a pilgrimage, to challenge others to focus on Jesus’ resurrection and what it means for us and for everyone.

Will you join me?

Who could you tell?


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