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There’s more than one way…

There’s more than one way…

To skin a cat and I don’t want to know even one way thank you.

To eat a Cadburys Crème egg.  Unless all in in one go, they are all messy.

To tell people about Jesus.

Too often we get caught up with doing it one way or thinking we have to do it one way.  The New Testament uses lots of words for it like preaching (literally to ‘good news’), teaching, reasoning, persuading, testifying and witnessing.  Chris Green in The Message of the Church lists some of the ways people can share their faith including:

Invitational – inviting people to events and services; some people just always seem to bring friends along to things.

Intellectual – analysing the latest film or best selling novel and engaging people in conversations about the issues it raises.

Befriending – being with people in the challenging times of life and sharing God’s love in action and words along the way.

Personal – spending time with people over coffee or playing golf talking through life and the difference being a Christian makes.

Other ones that could be added are:

Pray-er – offering to pray for people either at the time or another time.

Chatterer – listening and then starting natural conversations in queues and shops.

Networker – using social media not just for Christian quotes but spiritual exchanges.

Question master – asking questions that make people think about their world view.

It is good to be aware of all the different ways.  Obviously we will see ourselves in one / some more than others.  But different ways will be needed for different people at different times.  That’s not just for us but our churches as well as we often get stuck in the one way.   As Paul says in 1 Corinthians 9, “To the Jews I become like a Jew to win the Jews” and likewise for other people groups he met.

One way does not fit all.

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