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A lot of churches I work with have lots of contacts with their community through things like parents and toddler groups and coffee mornings but struggle with making contacts into relationships that then have opportunities to share and grow people’s faith.

How can this happen?  Here are some ideas – some old some new some borrowed none blue:

  • Put out a box and some bits of paper for people to write down prayer requests on – surveys suggest two thirds of people pray so it is familiar to a lot of people.  Then make sure people pray for them!
  •  Introduce a story sharing slot – what has happened in your life this week whether people are Christian or not.
  •  Have some cards on tables with ‘Interested in finding out more about life and faith?’ with some websites on such as www.rejesus.co.uk that people can look up.
  • As a group decide on a local need that you could raise money for or get involved with that people who are part of the church and not can work together on.
  • Ask any questions feature – either live or written down to be answered either live or written down and put up on the wall the next week for people to read.
  • Plan out the church’s calendar in advance especially events and services that would be suitable to invite people who don’t usually attend to.  Produce quality promotional material to give out to people and invite them to come with you.
  • If there are not any suitable events and services to invite people to – start one!  For example, Messy church style service, Senior citizens holiday club.

But as George Barna highlights in Grow your own church from the outside, the key is people.  He says if a church reaches many but retains few it is a people problem not program deficiency.  People from church having a heart for the unchurched, people equipped and supported to talk about their faith naturally and enthusiastically.

How can this happen?

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