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Some things we might learn

With the Coronavirus pandemic, some things we might learn from this are…in no particular order:

The value of human communication in person.

We don’t need human communication in person.

Church is not the building but the people.

‘Normal’ church should have more interaction.

Who the key workers really are.

‘Virtual’ church works – we don’t need ‘normal’ church.

There is enough food to go around – it’s about what we do with it.

Not going out can save lives.

Everyone has their part to play.

What love your neighbour literally means.

Introverts are right.

The kindness of humanity.

The selfishness of humanity.

Some things make everyone the same.

Sport can be stopped.

How to do virtual meetings, virtual socials and virtual Zumba (not personally).

How to do ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’.

The importance of prayer.

An epidemic of information can be dangerous if it’s not all true.

We are all connected.

It is hard to stay 2 metres from people.

Life can quickly change.

We are not in control.

The effect of less pollution on the environment.

Underlying health issues are not underlying.

Hand washing habits have not been good enough before this.

The words to happy birthday are repetitive.

How many times we do actually touch our faces.

The value of life.

Something small can take over the world – there is a parable in that.

Jesus is the peace and hope for all people in all situations.


Further suggestions should probably need to be added in time.

For now, have you got any other suggestions?

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