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Silent witness

Recently when in Chelmsford High St on a Saturday I came across a group of people dressed in plain black, wearing white masks, in a circle facing outwards, holding iPad (other similar electronic devices are available from good retailers) – just standing there.  You could not see unless you went up really close what was being shown on the iPad.  You could not see anything obvious that they were communicating or protesting about.

As I got closer I noticed there was a couple of people dressed in black but without masks on standing to one side so I went over asked them what they were doing.  We then had a conversation about the treatment of animals and veganism which is what they were silently protesting about.

How does that compare with the sort of street work Christians usually do?  Or are known as doing?

I have been involved in the ‘usual’ street work – preaching to a crowd (hopefully), grabbing people (not literally) to do a survey, asking people questions as they pass by and handing out invites to events.   There has been an increase in serving street work by the church: I personally have been involved over the years in handing out water bottles, Easter eggs and cakes (food evangelism is always good).

But all have involved us as Christians taking the initiative to approach people.  Unlike the silent witness of the animal activists.

What could we do silently that would attract attention, that would mean people approach us in the street to find out more?

Wouldn’t that be good, wouldn’t that be putting the shoe on the other foot from how we often see street work and evangelism generally?

It could be….

  • Mime?
  • Painted pictures?
  • Photographs?
  • Peaceful protests?

I heard a street evangelist say recently that evangelism is like an apple tree.

We sow, God shakes and then we must be ready to collect the fruit off the tree.

Can we sow silently?

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