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Said with flowers

The other day at work I was in our reception when a man came to the front door with a big bunch of flowers.  I opened the door to him and as he came in, I could visibly see the two ladies who work at our front desk sit up, eyes widen and lean forward – who were they for?

The man said “Flowers for” then looked at the card attached to the bunch.  There was no name on it only a general message.  Tension mounted…who were they for?

The man was not happy.  He had got something on his hands when he came to the front door.  He now had to phone his boss to find out the details about the order.  When my colleague made a light hearted comment about the hand writing on the card as they waited for an answer he replied very cuttingly.

The flowers were for someone at work but they were not for either of the ladies on the front desk.   Unfortunately the lady they were for was not in but they had been organised by someone from across the world to be delivered to this lady on that day.

When she did get them later, she was of course delighted.

Is that it goes with our evangelism?

Are people expectant?  Excited?  To give good news and to receive it?

Are we particular about who it is for or is it for everyone?

Do we huff and puff when things don’t go smoothly with it so taking away from the joy of giving for us and others?

Do we remind ourselves where it comes from – a specific gift from across the world for someone or even further away and more amazing than that?

Like Colossians 4 v 6 says “Let your conversation be always full of grace, said with flowers, so you know how to answer everyone.”

Or something like that.

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