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Floating voter

I am Mr Floating voter.  Over the years I have voted for nearly every political party except some of the independents, BNP and the Monster raving Looney party I think.  At school this week I had to give an assembly on behalf of the Conservative party.  When a student asked did I really believe all that I had just said, I said “Of course.  I am wearing a blue tie aren’t I?”

In the election debate this week on television and in the media generally in recent years, a common complaint is that there is not enough difference between the main political parties to choose between them.  Their policies and personalities are too similar.  That is one reason why it is good to see the rise of parties which are distinctive and stand out like the Green party, to give a real alternative.

Is this the same when it comes to that other ‘no go’ subject – religion?  Too often in conversations people group religions together, as people believing in God and trying to be nice.  If people have strong beliefs they are seen as fundamentalists with the emphasis on mentalists not fun and responsible for many of the terrible things in the world.

As followers of Jesus we need to be as He was.  No surprise.  He lived normally in so many ways but differently in so many ways.  Luke 13 v 17 has people delighted with all the wonderful things He was doing.  He was extreme, unexplainable but unconditional in His love and life.  He stood out by how He lived for others.  That is not always easy to do, not everyone agreed with Him.  As His followers we should too with the way, the truth and the life He gives.

No more floating votes.


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